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MAPEI Underground Technology Team: The Answer
The Underground Technology Team is MAPEI’s answer to the growing demand from the construction market for a range of products dedicated to underground construction work.

Thanks to their capacity and investments in their R&D laboratories, and the technical know-how developed in all countries, MAPEI created the dedicated product range “Underground Technology Construction Products”.
“Underground Technology Construction Products”
Underground constructions have their own unique character. This is basically due to the complexity during the design phase but, above all, to the severe conditions of the work environment. During the construction phase, therefore, it is necessary to use specialist technicians which are highly reliable and, thanks to their wide experience, capable of facing up to even the most unpredictable situations, to guarantee that the work continues quickly and correctly.

Large underground constructions require the use of specialized technology and dedicated product systems, such as those which are specially developed, produced and commercialized by MAPEI which, through their specialist “Underground Technology Team” has set the objective of meeting the entire range of technical needs and requirements of their own clients, and applied to underground construction work.
AUTOVIA B-40 2016
Tangecial Road with a 1200 m length twin tunnel
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